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Project “Dream Bike“ II – The Touring Bike

Remember our TT-Bike bike built earlier in the season. (  The goal was to build a super efficient racing machine based on the SRAM 1x. A groupset I had never ridden before. Since building the bike I raced races like 70.3 Aix en Provence and Ironman Lanzarote on that bike and fell in love with the 1x so much that we now decided to rebuild the touring bike with a 1x as well.

Pedaling efficiency, simplicity, less technical issues and an overall smoother ride are just some of the advantages I felt on the Shiv in the races and for my upcoming bike tour the thought of no more rubbing chain on the front derailleur, no more dropped chains and more efficient shifting just sounded too tempting not to give it a shot. (Here are some pics from last years bike tour. Picked a slightly more sunny month this year with end of August 😉 )

That’s how we ended up back at the SRAM European Headquarters in Schweinfurt / Germany to set up another bike with a SRAM Force 1x. Enjoy the first impressions and later in the week we’ll post the video of the built with all the details on what we changed on the bike.

The base of this built is the Specialized AWOL frame I rode last year across Germany and it got some major upgrades ranging from SRAM Force 1x to SRAM bottom brackets and Zipp 202 carbon clinchers for disc break. For finishing touches a much lighter Zipp seatpost and a complete Zipp cockpit. This is what it looked like:


First we stripped the frame from the previous set up with 3 chain rings in the front (34/39/50) and all it’s other parts.

Washing down the old frame!

The almost raw frame after stripping it. Already with the new Zipp seatpost and SRAM bottom brackets.

The raw frame ready to go.

Setting the frame up for the new bottom brackets.

Time for some new bottom brackets.

Preparing one of the center pieces of the bike built. The SRAM Force 1x. Chose a 46 chain ring for the coming tour.

One of the center pieces. The SRAM 1x.

It’s not gonna be as stealthy as Pete Jacob’s TT-Bike but the Zipp 202 disc break set up will rock the tour.

Looking almost as stealthy as Pete Jacob's bike in the background

It’s all coming down to mathematics…or apps 🙂 when picking the right chainring.

Looking smart and choosing the right chain ring.

The cockpit is a combo of SRAM Force and Zipp Stem and Handlebars.

The cockpit set up

For comfort and style the brooks saddle I enjoyed so much on the last tour can’t be missing.

Team Work

The 11/42 11x cassette in the rear with extra long cage will help me on any terrain.

A good touring bike needs mud guards

Final set up of the mudguards – they’ll be much needed.

Almost done!

..and putting final details on such as the right handlebar tape and bottle cages.

Finishing Touches

Pics by Julian Schiemann



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