Sport / 20 September, 2016

Running Analysis – Voodoo or Advantage?

The question:
Running analysis – does it work. That is the question I was asking myself.

The reason:
As many runners I suffer from ‚runners‘ arrogance. I ‚know‘ which shoe I should be running cause I’ve been running that shoe for years. As many other runners I am great at lying to myself and ignoring the fact that my running injuries, soreness and muscle tension might have anything to do with my running style, core strength or choice of shoes.

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Lifestyle / 11 Mai, 2016

The Wings for Life World Run

Another year, another Wings for Life World Run. Over 130.000 people world wide were signed up for what in my eyes is one of the coolest sporting events of the year.

I had the joy off being the MC for the event in Munich and the atmosphere on race morning was nothing short of inspiring. Runners from around the world had signed up to run in Munich and top athletes from different sports were mixing it up with your average joe runner as well as wheelchair athletes. Everybody came out to run for those who can’t run.

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Sport / 15 Juli, 2015

Outdoor Show – Cool Gadgets Day 1

The Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen is like a huge playground for everybody who loves the outdoors, endurance sport and action sport.

We took a little sneak peek and put together a small ‚Day 1 highlight‘ gallery. Enjoy!

_MG_9109 Vibram is hitting the market with a stronger line of womens specific shoes and watersports. IMG_9245 Dynafit is kicking off their morning with the 16km wake up run to present their trail & mountain running collection including shoes, running clothes and outerwear. _MG_9122 Founded in Australia Gumbies is not only recycled and environmentally friendly but also stylish and rumoured to be some of the most comfortable ‚flip flops‘ on the market _MG_9131 2nd place on Hawaii and Challenge Roth winner. We wanted to know what the hype is all about and why athletes like Nils Frommhold and Caroline Steffen are wearing Currex. Much to our surprise there is way more to it than we thought. It doesn’t constrict your foot, it activates your foot. _MG_9135 MAKE THE WORLD YOUR GYM! Ecco has got the slogan down. Trail, watersports, everyday, gym or whatever you are up to. Ecco is offering a comfortable and active solution. _MG_9143 Solar only was yesterday. With the CRANKMONKEY Powertraveller is offering a handpowered charger for your electronics. 2 minutes of ‚cranking‘ and your iPhone is ready for an emergency call. _MG_9146 ‚Riding your butt a little too hard‘ – the skincare specialists from Mawaii are coming out with a new line of ‚ass cream‘, warm up and cool down cream. _MG_9257 On top of 2 cool new insulated products Camelbak is looking at a colorful 2016. The ‚hot topic‘ is their new coffee mug. It works! IMG_9232 The guys from Slackline Tools didn’t reinvent the slackline but they are definitely adding to the fun. Pool session anybody? IMG_9244 Anti theft is the slogan of the Numinous Packs. Cool idea for everybody who is traveling a lot. Cut proof midlayer, stab proof zippers and TSA approved locks! …and hey: The even look pretty cool. IMG_9248 Not your everyday camera but the Phantom 3 from DJI is probably outsmarting your iPhone when it comes to shooting cool selfies 😉 IMG_9254 This is wicked! The Scrubba travel wash bag that according to studies washes as clean as a mashine and all that on the road in just over 3 minutes! You’ll definitely find some of those bags in the V-Class in the future.


Sport / 25 Juni, 2015

Triathlon – Pro Tips with Mercedes Benz

Have you seen this? A while back we spent a week with Mercedes Benz and 3 of the guys that are now part of the Sport for Good team on Mallorca to shoot some triathlon tips for you. How to train and how to approach you race: In all 3 disciplines.

The tips come straight to you from Timo Bracht 8x Ironman Winner, Horst Reichel – Ironman Winner and Jan Raphael – Ironman Winner as well. If they don’t know then who? 😉

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Lifestyle / 18 Juni, 2015

Photo Shoot with James Mitchell on Lanzarote

Every once in a while I have the great fortune to go out and shoot lifestyle or sports pics with some seriously talented photographers.

Here is a little look at a shooting I did with James Mitchell on Lanzarote covering some lifestyle and sports shots. You never know what you end up using them for and one thing is for sure: We had a hell lot of fun and I bet you there is a little model in all of you! 😉

So you ever need a talented photographer on Lanzarote or the UK for your sports event, wedding or lifestyle shoot. He is your man.

Oh yeah and just click on the pic in the gallery and it brings the whole gallery to the front 😉