Sport / 14 April, 2017

Cape Epic – Well, it’s Epic!

The Cape Epic is epic. I don’t have to tell you that. The name gives it away but just how epic it is showed the 8 days between March 19-March 26, 2017. The year that saw the first time in the history of the race that a stage needed to be shortened due to the extreme conditions. A race that would teach much just how much stronger than I though my head and body are.

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Sport / 15 März, 2017

PE-Plett – MTB Racing the Eastern Cape

After getting a slot for Cape Epic I had to make a decision. Try to be one of the wannabe cool kids and race Cape Epic without ever having done even a 1 day MTB race before or actually try to get an idea of what the hell I had gotten myself into. It wasn’t just that I had never raced a MTB race before I also never raced with my team mate Stefan before. I quickly decided that my cool days were over and that I should start acting age appropriate. At least for once. So after a little warm up on Lanzarote the 4 Stage PE-Plett MTB race from Port Elizabeth to Plettenberg in the Easter Cape of South Africa was our big moment to test the team dynamics, get a feel for what racing in South Africa will be like and really ride the equipment on the roughest terrain possible.

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Lifestyle / 5 Mai, 2016

Mercedes AMG – Horse Power Deluxe

It’s fathers day in Germany (yep, such thing exists. It is our sad excuse for guys without any right at home to go wild and do what they do best. Be noisy and get drunk :-))

So we figured since it is „boys week“ we’ll go and have a closer look at some proper toys for boys….

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Sport / 2 Oktober, 2015

Surf Tips mit Bernd Flessner II

Surfen baby, surfen! Das Board schnappen, ab ins Auto und den Wellen hinterher.

Wir haben den 16fachen Deutschen Meister und 3fachen Weltmeister im Windsurfen – Bernd Flessner – im Rahmen des Windsurf World Cup auf Sylt zur Mercedes Benz Surfgarage getroffen und seine besten Tips Auto beladen genauer unter die Lupe genommen.

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Sport / 29 September, 2015

Surf Tips mit Bernd Flessner I

Im Gegensatz zum allgemeinen Bild haben wir uns beim Windsurf World Cup auf Sylt nicht nur damit beschäftigt im Sand rumzuliegen und den Surfer Babes hinterher zu schauen, sondern wir haben uns zwischendurch auch mal nützlich gemacht.

Wann hat man schonmal einen 16fachen Deutsche – und 3fachen Weltmeister im Windsurfen zur Hand. Also haben wir uns mit Bernd Flessner zur Mercedes Benz Surf Garage getroffen und ein paar Tutorials gedreht.

Bei 40.000 Kilometern im Jahr auf der Strasse sind in Episode 1 ein paar Insider Tips zusammengekommen, die nicht nur Euren Surf Urlaub, sondern jegliche Urlaube mit Gepäck auf dem Dach entspannter machen können.

Viel Spass beim schauen, teilen und kommentieren.

Sport Talks / 25 September, 2015

Bernd Flessner – Surf Weltmeister & Cooler Typ

Surf Tips gefällig?

Bernd Flesser – G16 – ist 16facher Deutscher Meister und 3facher Weltmeister im Windsurfen, ambitionierter Hobbygolfer und Markenbotschafter für Mercedes Benz.

Auf der IAA hat er uns die neusten Einblicke in die neue V-Klasse verschafft, uns einen Einblick in sein Leben erlaubt und uns und Euch zum Surf World Cup nach Sylt eingeladen.

Ganz nebenbei gibt es auch noch seine Tips für die Top Surf Spots around the Globe.

Sport Talks / 11 August, 2015

Horst Reichel & The Team Sport for Good

The Ironman European Tour held it’s next stop at the Ironman 70.3 European Championships in Wiesbaden and so did the Talk To Till Mercedes Benz V-Class.

With Horst Reichel a member of the Team Sport for Good made the way over to our lounge chairs and we talked ‚Wiesbaden race course‘, ‚training‘ and of course ‚Laureus and Team Sport for Good‘.

Are you a member yet?

Course Reviews / 4 Juli, 2015

Ironman Frankfurt – Bike Course Review

The Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt are showing one of the strongest fields in it’s history. Ironman World Champion Sebastian Kienle, Ironman World Champion Frederik van Lierde, Olympic Gold Medalist Jan Frodeno on the mens side alone.

But also for all the age groupers Ironman Frankfurt will most likely be the highlight of the year. With temperatures expected to be a scorching 40 Celsius the bike course can make the difference between blowing up or bringing it to the finish line.

We went out, checked the course, shot you a quick video and are ready to give you some hinters.

Below you will also find some ideas on what the loop looks like, total ascent, top speeds and so on.


„The bike course starts with an easy and perfect 13Km warm up from Langener Waldsee, where the swim takes place, to the ‚Alte Brücke‘ in Frankfurt. From there you start into one of 2 loops to finish the remaining 167Km. For another roughly 11Km it is pretty straight forward and all you have to do is get your legs spinning, the nutrition in and set yourself up for the first climb which you hit at roughly Km24. Take it easy here. It is only the first out of 3 on each loop.

About 7km later around the 31Km mark you hit some cobblestone roads – make sure to tighten those bottles and everything you have attached to your bike. It is about 800 meters of Paris-Roubaix feeling.

Only 3km later you hit climb number 2. Again there is still a long way to go. So take it easy and let the people around you pass you if you feel they are pushing too hard.

From there on it is a long way of rolling hills, long easy to ride decents and solid riding. Be aware of the road conditions and slightly more narrow turns in the many small villages you are passing.

With roughly 6Km to go on each lap you are hitting climb number 3. Heartbreak Hill. From the bottom it doesn’t look like much but trust us – it hurts. Not only on the last but on the first lap already. Once you made it to the top it is an easy, slightly downhill ride back to loop number 2 or transition.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.05.29 Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.05.38 Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.05.49 Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.06.07


Full Garmin Connect Link:

Bike used: Specialized Shiv Pro with Ceramic Speed upgrade, Rotor Rings (54/42) and a Garmin Edge 1000.

Rider: 183 tall and roughly 74KG in weight.

This was a group ride – so the data does not exactly present what it would look like for a single rider in terms of power and speed.

Sport / 25 Juni, 2015

Triathlon – Pro Tips with Mercedes Benz

Have you seen this? A while back we spent a week with Mercedes Benz and 3 of the guys that are now part of the Sport for Good team on Mallorca to shoot some triathlon tips for you. How to train and how to approach you race: In all 3 disciplines.

The tips come straight to you from Timo Bracht 8x Ironman Winner, Horst Reichel – Ironman Winner and Jan Raphael – Ironman Winner as well. If they don’t know then who? 😉

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Sport Talks / 18 Juni, 2015

Sebastian Kienle – World Champ and Funny Guy

Dirk Bockel – Ironman Winner & Maybe Book Author

He is the Ironman Hawaii World Champion, 2time winner at Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Ironman European Champion and one of the toughest guys to beat on the bike.

After his 2015 Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau victory we sat down with Sebastian Kienle from Germany in the back of our Mercedes Benz V-Class to talk about racing, how much fun it is to race friends and push each other to the limit and what it takes to win Hawaii again.

As always Sebastian proves to be one of the funnier guys on the triathlon circuit.

As info: For once this interview is in German!

More Talks:

Dirk Bockel at Sands Beach Lanzarote

Camilla Pedersen at Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau

Elmar Sprink at Sands Beach Resort