Sport / 14 April, 2017

Cape Epic – Well, it’s Epic!

The Cape Epic is epic. I don’t have to tell you that. The name gives it away but just how epic it is showed the 8 days between March 19-March 26, 2017. The year that saw the first time in the history of the race that a stage needed to be shortened due to the extreme conditions. A race that would teach much just how much stronger than I though my head and body are.

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Travel / 25 Oktober, 2016

Gloria Serenity Resort – A Turkish Paradise

“I am sitting on a plane, enjoying a fabulous curry chicken served by a Turkish Airlines chef who looks like he has been put here directly from the set of a French cooking movie. Taking a bite of the succulent chicken I am drifting off, imagining what to expect from my first trip to Turkey. Endless beaches, great country side, a never ending well of architecture and history and of course sunshine, the ocean and perfect training conditions at the Gloria Sports Arena. After all I am following the call of the Gloria Serenity Spa & Resort with it’s adjoining Gloria Sports Arena to find out if the name of the resort is program. Can a week in Turkey turn my lifestyle of insanity into a moment of serenity?”

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Sport / 29 September, 2016

Cape Epic – World’s Toughest MTB Race

“March 13, 2016. The sun is burning in the vineyards, the rotors of the helicopters are humming in the sky and the dry dust is settling on the lungs. In the fight between man versus mountain bike I am racing up the hills in my trail shoes trying to hit the first trail traverse before the top German Epic pros with Manuel Fumic, Tim Böhme and Karl Platt are flying by. When reaching the peak my heart is hammering in my lungs and the incredible views over Meerendal Wine Estate lying beneath me make me forget the pain and where I am for a second, before the ‘wup, wup wup’ of the helicopters suddenly pull me back into reality. Only seconds later Team Bulls 2 with Tim Böhme and Simon Stiebjahn are appearing on the horizon creating a majestic picture chased by media helicopters trying not to miss a single moment of this Epic prologue through the vineyards”

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Sport / 11 August, 2016

SRAM Force 1x and a Coffee

Frankly, when we built this bike and the SRAM mechanic told me that I would be just fine with one chain ring (54) on the front for a course like Ironman Lanzarote I wasn’t sure if he knew what he was talking about or if he just hit too many granite walls freeriding but there I stood with the SRAM Force 1x ready to try out what everybody seems to love on the MTB but oddly enough doubt on the road or tt bike.

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Sport / 22 Juli, 2016

Race Day Bike Set Up by the Pros

Endless hours of training put in, all the money spent on a fancy bike, the sacrifice, blood and sweat that goes into race preparation and then your bike malfunctions. YOU DON’T WANT THAT!

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Travel / 1 Oktober, 2015

10 Reasons To Train On Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most popular training islands for cyclists, triathletes and trail runners around the globe. For good reason. Mallorca has stunning views, great training facilities, 300 days of sunshine on so much more to offer at an affordable travel cost. There is a gazillion reasons to go to Mallorca and here are 10 reasons that will convince you to go if you have not been yet!

1. Mallorca has some of the most stunning cycling routes in Europe and offers anything from flat riding to some serious climbing or the rolling hills in between. Pick a tour that passes one of the many famous sights and climbs. Orient, Kloster Luc, Cap Formentor, San Salvador and many, many more. If you can’t get enough then check out the ‚Kuesten Klassiker‘ – a tour that takes you all the way from the beautiful fishing town of Port Andratx across the Tramuntana mountains.

Our Tip: Kloster Luc on a Sunday or prepare for some slower downhill riding.



2. If you are a triathlete or just enjoy having your family around or fancy some cross training there is plenty of great training resorts around. For example the Ferrer Hotels, Beach Club Font de Sacala or the Viva Blue offering wetsuit and bike rentals, swimming pools, bike maps, gyms and plenty of other services for your training camp. Of course staying at a beautiful Finca is a nice alternative on Mallorca but let’s face it – do you really wanna cook after a long day of training – go and attack the buffet instead.

Our tip: The Viva Blue Resort definitely has a rockin‘ buffet and is worth the extra Euros. Our favorite on the island.

12063582_10201162765549401_3690501623948980010_n Ferrer Hotel Mallorca – one of the many great training resorts


3. There is a lot of great open water swimming spots that can easily be combined with some sightseeing.You can take the car to some rather isolated areas and just hit the water in the Alcudia area for a chance to catch up with some other athletes working on their open water skills.

Our tip: Bring your wetsuit as the water is still rather cold in April / May and take advantage of the early hours when the water is nice and calm.

JU0A0097 Swimming and sightseeing go hand in hand on Mallorca


4. The views on Mallorca are often simply spectacular. This one is looking from one of the riders favorites: Cap Formentor. The roads have been renewed recently and you are in for a real treat cycling up there. On a good day you might get a chance to pet the goat and take a selfie with it 😉 It might be worth bringing some bike lights for 2 reason. You are passing a short tunnel on the ride both ways and it is worth doing this ride in the later hours of the day to enjoy the ‚golden hour‘ and setting sun on the way back.

Our tip: Bring some change to reward yourself and your friends with a piece of cake and a coffee at the lighthouse restaurant at the Cap.

12027588_10201160800820284_8151183971474845179_n A bike tour to Cap Formentor is an absolut must do.


5. Skip the gym from time to time when you are on Mallorca and hit some trails or go scrambling in the Tramuntana. The views are spectacular and it will recharge your batteries and after all there is studies suggesting that the strength and core training of trail running and scrambling can replace a gym session.

Our tip: Pack a light back with some food and drinks as the nature around there invites you to spend way longer in the mountains than planned.

JU0A9452 Trailrunning on training days or hiking on off days. The Tramuntana mountains offer it all.


6. All the small villages show the true side of Mallorca. This is where the locals hang out. One of our favorites is Soller – a small village in the mountains on your way up Puig Major. Find some shade in the shadow and grab a fresh orange juice to recharge.

Our tip: Stop at the Sa Fabrica des Gelats for some wicked artisan ice cream

JU0A9634 Soller is the perfect place for Mallorca sightseeing or a stop on your climb up the Puig. Don’t miss out on the oranges.


7. If you are a triathlete running is part of your training, as a cyclist it could be some good cross training for your spring camp and as a runner – well nothing to add to that. Mallorca offers and endless variety of running tracks both trail and road. Take advantage of the many trails and allow your deep tissue to work a bit if you are only running on roads at home but definitely don’t forget to stop and enjoy the views for a second. No matter if you are running in the mountains or enjoying a sunset run along the beachfront.

Our tip: If you are staying in the North-West make sure to run past some orange farms and grab a fresh orange to refresh – just don’t get caught 😉

JU0A9584 Trails or road – there is plenty of stunning run courses along the island.


8. It is for good reason that the pros come to Mallorca to train here as well. Follow their lead and take advantage of the perfect conditions. If you book the right times – preferably April-June and pick some of the places such as Ferrer or Viva Blue to stay at you might get a chance to train with some of the pros and pick their brains. One way or another. Even just seeing them is great motivation for your own training.

Our tip: The pros don’t bite. Don’t be afraid to ask them for tips & tricks but once it is dinner time they deserve a break. The dinner table is not the place to approach them. They won’t send you away but we would say the respect demands you give them some space.

12042631_10201162669707005_2707047960866553399_n(1) Join one of the endless sports competitions on the island. Trail running, cycling, swimming, Ironman triathlon and many more.


9. Sunshine, did we mention the sunshine? Mallorca offers 300 sunshine days a year. We’ll take our chance and say that is worth the risk as a perfect training getaway.

Our tip: If you’ve been hanging out in winter and look as pale as a wall leave the vanity at home and bring some propper sunscreen. 30-50 is recommended for the first days but once you are used to the sun go to one of the many, many market squares and get a bocadillo from one of the local restaurants while tanning.

JU0A9665 Sunshine. Did we mention the sunshine? 300 days a year.


10. This shot was taken during Ironman Mallorca 2015 – just one of many, many sports events on the island. From trail crossings of the island, to cycling races and festivals to Ironman triathlon or smaller triathlon events. Mallorca offers and endless number of sporting events to either test your form towards the end of your training camp or to plan a vacation around your main season event. Time it right and you will be rewarded with sunsets like this one at the finish line or the well deserved cold beer after the race.

Our tip: bring your family and turn your race into a family vacation. From fishing villages, to art galleries, fincas, vineyards and great restaurants. Mallorca offers plenty not only for athletes but also for couples, kids and families. Take advantage of it and make Mallorca one of your favorite islands ever.

12042761_10201160880102266_1935463430033228323_n This shot was taken during Ironman Mallorca – join one of the many competitions on the island and be rewarded with views like this one at the finish line.



11. Ok we are adding a little bonus for all the young kids or everybody who just swims, bikes or runs for fun and with less ambition. Palma de Mallorca is offering a great party scene with fashion shows and classy parties away from the all so popular ‚Ballerman‘

Our tip: Make it a day in Palma. Start with late breakfast and coffee at Cappuccino, enjoy some shopping in the city, grab an afternoon snack at the harbor and then hit the party scene later at night but remember: It’s still Spain. Everything happens a little later on Mallorca.

JU0A9966 Still got energy? Hit Palma de Mallorca for party nights and fashion shows.

Pictures by Ingo Kutsche & Julian Schiemann

Sport Talks / 11 August, 2015

Horst Reichel & The Team Sport for Good

The Ironman European Tour held it’s next stop at the Ironman 70.3 European Championships in Wiesbaden and so did the Talk To Till Mercedes Benz V-Class.

With Horst Reichel a member of the Team Sport for Good made the way over to our lounge chairs and we talked ‚Wiesbaden race course‘, ‚training‘ and of course ‚Laureus and Team Sport for Good‘.

Are you a member yet?

Lifestyle / 7 Juli, 2015

Better Sports Pics – With Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips from Competitive Image is one of the top photographers you will see at almost every bigger race around the world.

At the Ironman European Championships he spared some time to tell us his top 3 tips to make sure that you look great for your finish line picture.

Shades, sponges and smiling are some of the things we are talking about and on the site he told us a little bit about himself and why traveling the world must be one of the best jobs you’ll ever have.

Make sure to look cool for your next great moment!

Title pic by Competitive Image


Course Reviews / 4 Juli, 2015

Ironman Frankfurt – Bike Course Review

The Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt are showing one of the strongest fields in it’s history. Ironman World Champion Sebastian Kienle, Ironman World Champion Frederik van Lierde, Olympic Gold Medalist Jan Frodeno on the mens side alone.

But also for all the age groupers Ironman Frankfurt will most likely be the highlight of the year. With temperatures expected to be a scorching 40 Celsius the bike course can make the difference between blowing up or bringing it to the finish line.

We went out, checked the course, shot you a quick video and are ready to give you some hinters.

Below you will also find some ideas on what the loop looks like, total ascent, top speeds and so on.


„The bike course starts with an easy and perfect 13Km warm up from Langener Waldsee, where the swim takes place, to the ‚Alte Brücke‘ in Frankfurt. From there you start into one of 2 loops to finish the remaining 167Km. For another roughly 11Km it is pretty straight forward and all you have to do is get your legs spinning, the nutrition in and set yourself up for the first climb which you hit at roughly Km24. Take it easy here. It is only the first out of 3 on each loop.

About 7km later around the 31Km mark you hit some cobblestone roads – make sure to tighten those bottles and everything you have attached to your bike. It is about 800 meters of Paris-Roubaix feeling.

Only 3km later you hit climb number 2. Again there is still a long way to go. So take it easy and let the people around you pass you if you feel they are pushing too hard.

From there on it is a long way of rolling hills, long easy to ride decents and solid riding. Be aware of the road conditions and slightly more narrow turns in the many small villages you are passing.

With roughly 6Km to go on each lap you are hitting climb number 3. Heartbreak Hill. From the bottom it doesn’t look like much but trust us – it hurts. Not only on the last but on the first lap already. Once you made it to the top it is an easy, slightly downhill ride back to loop number 2 or transition.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.05.29 Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.05.38 Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.05.49 Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.06.07


Full Garmin Connect Link:

Bike used: Specialized Shiv Pro with Ceramic Speed upgrade, Rotor Rings (54/42) and a Garmin Edge 1000.

Rider: 183 tall and roughly 74KG in weight.

This was a group ride – so the data does not exactly present what it would look like for a single rider in terms of power and speed.

Sport / 25 Juni, 2015

Triathlon – Pro Tips with Mercedes Benz

Have you seen this? A while back we spent a week with Mercedes Benz and 3 of the guys that are now part of the Sport for Good team on Mallorca to shoot some triathlon tips for you. How to train and how to approach you race: In all 3 disciplines.

The tips come straight to you from Timo Bracht 8x Ironman Winner, Horst Reichel – Ironman Winner and Jan Raphael – Ironman Winner as well. If they don’t know then who? 😉

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