Lifestyle / Mai 6, 2016

‚Surf’s up! Wind,sun and coffee‘

The fresh breeze in our hair, the feeling of the salt water on the skin and relaxing over a cold one ate the ‚Mercedes-Benz After Glow Party‘ with DJ Golden Dread Nut. Surf’s up and Fehmarn is the place to be for chilling on the sun and riding some waves and there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell we were going to miss it.
So we packed the V-Class and hit the road for 3 fun days on the island. Enjoy the gallery from the festival that has much more to offer than just windsurfing.

(p.s we took a 100km bike spin along the island and if you haven’t been to Fehmarn yet, trust us and put it on your bucket list.)



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