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The Wings for Life World Run

Another year, another Wings for Life World Run. Over 130.000 people world wide were signed up for what in my eyes is one of the coolest sporting events of the year.

I had the joy off being the MC for the event in Munich and the atmosphere on race morning was nothing short of inspiring. Runners from around the world had signed up to run in Munich and top athletes from different sports were mixing it up with your average joe runner as well as wheelchair athletes. Everybody came out to run for those who can’t run.

One of the sentences I keep hearing when saying I am the MC for the WFLWR is ‚we are not going to do that. We don’t like Red Bull. We are not going to support this‚. All I can say is ‚Fair enough but you’ve just presented yourself as an ignorant fool‚.

It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like Red Bull, agree with their philosophy or not. The WFLWR is not a Red Bull event. It is an event that is supported by Red Bull as many other events around the world are. The true meaning behind the WFLWR though is not to fill Red Bull’s pockets but to do good and raise money for spinal cord injury research.

Red Bull pays for all the administrative cost around the world and all of your sign up fee goes into research projects but even if doing good is not your thing or you are doing a lot of other good already then simply come out and play with 130.000 other athletes around the world, all starting at the same time. I have never seen an event with such great atmosphere, so many smiles and athletes celebrating with you even though you just told them that their race is over.

The unique concept of a point to point run which only ends when the catcher car catches up to you makes almost everybody run farther then they had planned and the personal accomplishment reflects in the happiness along the course.

In Munich this year for example upon returning to the event site after we caught up to our final athlete we still had to delay the awards because hundreds of runners had stuck around to watch the top runners around the world trying to escape the catcher car. Here we were sitting in Munich cheering and mentally fighting with the 2 last men standing in Italy and Canada.

Give it a sec and read up on what the WFLWR is all about, enjoy our picture gallery and then mark May 7th, 2017 in your calendars.

See you at the Wings for Life World Run! Happy running until then!

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