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Sport / Bicycle, Bike Set Up, Bike Tips, Challenge Roth, Daniela Ryf, Hawaii, Ironman, Jan Frodeno, Race bike, Roadbike, Sebastian Kienle, SRAM, Tech Talk, Triathlon, Zipp / Juli 22, 2016

Race Day Bike Set Up by the Pros

Endless hours of training put in, all the money spent on a fancy bike, the sacrifice, blood and sweat that goes into race preparation and then your bike malfunctions. YOU DON’T WANT THAT!

We caught up with Dan Stefiuk who travels the circuit getting the bikes of the top SRAM pros ready. Mirinda Carfrae at Ironman Klagenfurt, Sebastian Kienle at Ironman Frankfurt or Daniela Ryf and World Champion Jan Frodeno at Challenge Roth. Dan seems to be touching the winner’s bikes or is it ‚giving the winner’s bike the final touch‘. Who knows but one thing is for sure: He knows what he is is doing and he is willing to share with you.

It really comes down to 4 things to remember: Clean, drive train, cockpit, breaks / wheels! Remember those 4 elements and you’ll be golden.

Enjoy the video and find out how you can pimp your ride with an easy combination of wet lube and a slightly thicker lube as coating on top!



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