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Project „Dream Bike I“ – Completed

It is a wrap baby!!! Project ‚Dream Bike‘ is pretty much done. Only some minor finishing touches like putting the Garmin on and getting the race set up ready.

As promised I kicked the year of with a cool project. My own little project ‚Dream Bike‘ and with a little help from friends we got it done just in time before hitting the road and traveling to Stellenbosch / South Africa.

Riding a cool bike is always fun but getting to be a part of building up your own to your specs – that just rocks. (And yes. There is no doubt that this bike is above my cycling abilities but let’s face it. We all love nice toys for our sport).

The bike built work bench

Setting up the work space for the big built day.

When thinking about the project I had to decide what I wanted to build the bike with. The approach for a dream bike can be motivated by many different factors. Do I wanna go for innovation, sentiment, pure performance, coolness factor and so on.

I decided I wanted a good combination of the above. After riding the Specialized SHIV frame last year there was no doubt that’s the frame I wanna build on. I loved the handling of the bike in the flat, the fast and turning descents and the heavy cross winds at Ironman Lanzarote. Another thing I love about this bike is the aerodynamics while still maintaining a frame set up that one can handle without being a bike mechanic. Easy access to the breaks for switching break pads for example and the Fuel Cell for all my gear and nutrition in the race making sure I can keep the bike as ‚clean‘ as possible.

Cable Work on the Specialized Frame

Getting the ‚wiring‘ done on the Shiv.

But as well all know – you can’t ride on a frame alone. So I looked around for a gear group and of course the first thought was ‚electronic‘. I had ridden the Shimano DI2 in 2014 and was intrigued to see what SRAM was up to with their eTap that is just about to hit the market but besides the interesting features and innovations of it, the SRAM 1x for road got more and more of my attention and after taking a closer look I knew I wanted to try it out.

I loved the switch to one chain ring on my MTB years back so I am thinking it is definitely worth a try on the TT-Bike. It is a neat little gadget with a lot of thought through details. So much more than just switching to one chain ring. (Before going all crazy here on what the changes are – we shot a little video for you that I will publish in the coming days. It’ll explain all the innovations and ideas of the SRAM 1x Force built on my bike)

Just to give you a general idea: Special teeth on the chain ring, chain suck reduction, cage lock for the derailleur to make switching chains and wheels easy.

Building the Specialized Shiv

Clear roles. One knows his bikes – the other not so much -)

The next thing to focus on was the wheels. There is a lot of great wheels out there and I wanted to combination of coolness, sentiment and performance in the wheels which quickly brought me to Zipp. Zipp is still for wheels what google is for search engines and the Firecrest 808 is the set up I rode in my first ever Ironman. So between performance and sentiment this was a no brainer.

Building the Specialized Shiv Bike

Team work and focus for the bottom brackets.

As for the cockpit there were a few options I was looking at. In the past I had ridden the Haero Carbon which was focused on performance only and always left me with a little sacrifice in terms of adjustability. I also looked at the Syntace C6 that I first saw when announcing the 24hour cycling world record with Christoph Strasser who was riding it on the way to the record and it with no doubt looks like a great cockpit but in the end I opted for the perfect combination for performance, adjustability and sentiment again. The Zipp Vuka is not only a neat top performing cockpit but also the one my brother was racing on his TT-Bike when he inspired me to start triathlon myself (on an old aluminum road frame with Ultegra 105, Mavic Aksium aluminum wheels and clip on bars). The first ride on my new Vuka setup felt real nice and I am excited to see what we can do with it during the coming bike fit.

Setting Up the Zipp Vuka Cockpit on the Specialized Shiv

Team work again for the final touches.

After setting up the frame, wheels and cockpit it is time for the details. The basic idea is to make the pretty bride even a little prettier. Some X-Lab cages for the race set up, Quarq Power Meter,  Specialized Turbo Cotton tires with latex tubes and my ISM Adamo saddle and this little beauty will be ready to fly. A detailed first ride report will follow 😉

So what’ya think about the setup?

P.s. enjoy some more pics from the built below oh and hey: Stay tuned for the making off video. We had a super cool DJ with us who is building a soundtrack for the video made out of the sounds of a bike and bike built. Cool stuff!

The SRAM work space for the Specialized bike built

A look into the work space from the outside. Men at work 😉

Measuring the drop for the Specialized Shiv.

Size does matter overall. At least when it comes to fitting the bike.

The work bench for the bike built.

The is an order in the chaos.

SRAM Force 1

One of the key elements for the bike. The SRAM Force 1.

GoPro watching the Specialized bike built.

Building under the close watch of the GoPro. There will be a making off video.

The ready built Specialized Shiv with SRAM and Zipp.

Got a little excited there about the awesome couch.

The ready built Specialized Shiv.

The men and the bike! Mechanic, presenter and Shiv. Happy Days.

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