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Outdoor Show – Cool Gadgets Day 2

Another sunny day at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen and we continue checking out some of the fun brands for your next sports or outdoor adventure….and looking for cool gadgets with the ‚must have factor‘.

Here is a few impressions from day 2 – and the coolest thing: There will be quite a few things we are raffling off for you guys next month!

_MG_9270 The welcome buffet for the Dynafit ‚Wake Up Run‘ – a nice way to get the day started with Dynafit and 16km of train running. _MG_9288 ..and Dynafit is also displaying some of their cool new running shoes! A little more performance oriented than your ‚everyday city trail‘ run we would say. _MG_9342 GoalZero is known for their cool outdoor charging solutions and will be introducing some awesome 1 Watt camp lights at the Outdoor in the US. _MG_9347 Esbit is the classic when it comes to campfires and heating your food. Best thing: The 1950s coffee cooker is back! #coffeejunkie _MG_9351 Style meets functionality. Nomad is sticking to their highend signature look ‚a little closer to nature‘ _MG_9355 ‚Surround‘ is the hot topic at the Gore booth for yet another year but the real hotspot is their little outdoor beach area with cold drinks, a pool and palm trees. _MG_9363 Silva is drowning their headlamps this year. ‚Every second counts‘! Also introducing the first ‚active light‘ headlamp! _MG_9373 The days of ‚as rough as it gets‘ are over at Leatherman in their 31st year. Let’s bring on some color.



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