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Mercedes AMG – Horse Power Deluxe

It’s fathers day in Germany (yep, such thing exists. It is our sad excuse for guys without any right at home to go wild and do what they do best. Be noisy and get drunk :-))

So we figured since it is „boys week“ we’ll go and have a closer look at some proper toys for boys….

…ok, the truth is it was prep work for an upcoming gig with Mercedes-Benz but it was a pretty darn cool outing. A lot of AMG tuned cars and more horse power than most of us can count!

From Swarovski crystal headlights – it’s open for discussion if that is cool or not – to diamond grills and raw power: Enjoy the gallery!

Wanna learn more about one of the cars – let us know and we’ll take a closer look and test drive it for you!

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