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Cape Epic – World’s Toughest MTB Race

“March 13, 2016. The sun is burning in the vineyards, the rotors of the helicopters are humming in the sky and the dry dust is settling on the lungs. In the fight between man versus mountain bike I am racing up the hills in my trail shoes trying to hit the first trail traverse before the top German Epic pros with Manuel Fumic, Tim Böhme and Karl Platt are flying by. When reaching the peak my heart is hammering in my lungs and the incredible views over Meerendal Wine Estate lying beneath me make me forget the pain and where I am for a second, before the ‘wup, wup wup’ of the helicopters suddenly pull me back into reality. Only seconds later Team Bulls 2 with Tim Böhme and Simon Stiebjahn are appearing on the horizon creating a majestic picture chased by media helicopters trying not to miss a single moment of this Epic prologue through the vineyards”

Since that moment I just know. This is something I need to do some day. This being dust on the lungs, endless lactate in the legs, total exhaustion and an 8 day struggle between evil and good angel sitting on my shoulders while fighting the elements on the most spectacular trails of the South African Cape. Cape Epic suddenly jumped to the very top of my bucket list.

It wasn’t hard to find the perfect team mate quickly. My friend Stefan Zelle from Radlabor was all ears when I presented the idea. After all he has raced this race 6 years ago already. His stories in a strange way equally frightened and scared me at the same time as they made the inner addiction of wanting to race this race grow uncontrollably.

“This is the hardest thing I have ever done” and “I needed to be pushed on the first day already” I heard when listening to Stefan’s stories from 2010. “Holy snap I thought to myself. This is coming from the guy who is fuelling his legs with unleaded plus while I am using some cheap hand brewed gasoline”.

Fortunately Stefan and I share one common denominator when it comes to choosing our adventures and sportive goals “open the lid, take the brain out, close the lid and ride”. After all the true chance of failure in this endeavour is what makes it so incredibly appealing….and of course the question if my fellow Ironman announcer Paul Kaye can refrain from welcoming us with the words ‘you are an epic-man’ to the finish line now that Ironman has taken ownership of the event.
Having a real shot at seeing the finish line of cape epic will require 6 months of focus, dedication and suffering through early morning gym session and cold and wet winterly MTB rides in German winter.

Much to our surprise last week we received the phone call we didn’t really believe we would get this year already. We have been accepted as riding journalists for Cape Epic and there is no turning back .The dream come true is knocking on the door and we are ready to make the coming 6 months count. Against the odds we are ready to freeze our butts of in European winter to prepare for the 8 gruelling days in the South African heat.

Throughout the next 6 months we hope to make you part of our journey and passion and share our excitement and suffering through blogs, videos and pictures…and for everybody who prefers to hear about it in German we will do so with our own blog on

Ironman on studded tires – Cape Epic here we come #EpischesEpic

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