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Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg – Bike Course Review

Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg is a beauty but not an easy or especially fast bike course.

With roughly 560 meters of climbing (compared to 800 mentioned on the Ironman website) it doesn’t sound like the most challenging course but taking into consideration that the first 36km and last 12km have barely any elevation gain at all you end up with about 560 meters on the 40km long middle section of the bike course.

You start out on smooth and fast asphalt along the river Mosel for the first 20km before hitting the turnaround point. The perfect start to get into your rhythm and ensure a good energy take in after the swim. On a normal day you will have a slight tailwind going towards Grevenmacher.

After the turnaround it is another 16km back before making a 180 turn straight into one of the steepest climbs on the bike course which surprisingly rides fairly smooth. From there on it is an up and down for a little before hitting the longest climb of the bike course. After that it is a rolling course with some short fast sections with speeds up to 65-70km/h before hitting the 70km mark.

At the 70km awaits one of the nastiest bits of the course. A roughly 1-1.5km long stretch along a beautiful alley that looks like it’s barely climbing but feels like somebody it pulling your rear break. When hitting the river again around the 77-78km mark it is a flat ride back home into T2.

Overall there is a few spots where you are facing head on winds but nothing too strong and other than a few short bits between km 50 and 70 as well as the first few kilometre when hitting the Mosel again on the way to T2 the asphalt is mostly very smooth and easy to ride.

Definitely a bike course for a fast choice of tires and tubes.

Weapon of choice for this review was the Specialized Shiv with Ceramic Speed upgrade, Power2Max power meter and a set of Rotor Rings 54/42 with 11/28 Ultegra cassette.

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