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Eurobike – ‚Culinary-Party-Coffee‘ Guide

Ahhh, the Eurobike. It’s like somebody is building a huge sandcastle in your backyard and you get to play all week long.

Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time to Eurobike every year turns into a little get together of people I haven’t seen in way too long and after the 7th spontaneous coffee date on day 1 I still didn’t make it out of the first hall in entered in the morning.

Let me tell you, once again the Eurobike was a true challenge to squeeze everything in but I and my mate Julian did our best to take a proper look at things for you. Here is what we experienced, our top tips and this years fails. Before talking about the cool gadgets in the next blog we are taking a slightly different look at this years Eurobike.


The Thule booth once again followed up on it’s reputation and served a brilliant espresso which is best enjoyed with a hot Scandinavian style cinnamon role. You might have to be patient as they are very popular but so worth the wait. Only the cappuccino was a tad too milky if you ask me. Go for the espresso.

The ‘old kid on the block’ was Viva Barista serving hot beverages of awesomeness at both the SRAM and the GT / Cannondale booth and they served it like a young Boris Becker served it up in Wimbledon at the age of 17. He is just getting better every year after being the first Barista ever at Eurobike in 2008.

If you don’t have the chance to swing by either of the places next year your back up plan is Evoc. It’s a decent cup and definitely better than the wide spread Nespresso you can find at so many booths.

Coffee fail:

Pretty much all the places serving Nespresso or filter coffee.


I think it must be possible to spend a week at Eurobike without spending a single Euro on food or drinks. It is impressive. Of course the never ending flow of water in the Camelbak refill stations is a fixed institutions these days to either hydrate proper when spending hours and hours in bad air between Hall A1 and B7 or to cure the hangover after attending one of the many after- and booth parties happening all over the place and pretty much every night.

The beer of choice still seems to be the Tannenzäpfle. No surprise there. It is an awesome beer that is served anywhere from SRAM to Gore Apparel. Speaking of which: Once you had your coffee and cinnamon roll at Thule try to weasel your way into the Gore Apparel party. We are talking ‘full on buffet’ which can get you stuffed for not only the night be the next morning as well.

Culinary fail:

Salt sticks and pretzels are so out but somehow seem to be a popular choice year after year at many of the booths.


Boy there is a serious choice of parties going on. Thule is hitting the tunes with a live DJ and so is Magura at their afterparty. Cannondale and GT let it rip old school this year at their outdoor party and Gore Apparel went in style with live musicians slowly kicking it off and then bringing the house down. Vaude decided to have their party on home turf.

When it comes to after parties and evening parties there is an endless offering and to maximize your party hopping you might wanna plan a little ahead or you are running out of steam quickly.

Party fail:

There isn’t really any. From the leisure evening beer and old school hip hop to electronic tunes. There is a huge fun guarantee at Eurobike served up with some great networking.

Too cool for school:

You now you are in trouble when the boys from Guilty76 are hitting town. Make it onto the guest list of the ‘Seesprint’ event and you are guaranteed to suffer the next day. Sleep deprived an hung over is the moto of the show. Live music, party animals and top cyclists are mingling with your everyday joe and the brave ones are battling it out for the Seesprint title. Check it out next year! Check out this years event video:

Enjoyed this one? Go check out our „Tech-Attack“ post from Eurobike with cool gadgets for the coming season and don’t forget to comment, like and share.

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