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SRAM Force 1x and a Coffee

Frankly, when we built this bike and the SRAM mechanic told me that I would be just fine with one chain ring (54) on the front for a course like Ironman Lanzarote I wasn’t sure if he knew what he was talking about or if he just hit too many granite walls freeriding but there I stood with the SRAM Force 1x ready to try out what everybody seems to love on the MTB but oddly enough doubt on the road or tt bike.

Roughly 7 months, what feels like a gazillion coffees and a couple of races later – including the 2700 meter climbing bike course at Ironman Lanzarote – I feel like I am on a mission to turn people onto the 1x. There is a reason why everybody loves it on the MTB. Cause it rocks and it doesn’t suddenly stop rocking when you build it onto your road or tt bike.

Some of the key points for me are:

  1. more efficient shifting.
  2. more power on the pedal when shifting (say goodbye to those drafters)
  3. no more dropped chains in the front (yep, dropped chains are not a myth. They happen at the worst times. Not anymore!)
  4. less work on chain rings in terms of cleaning, greasing, etc (let’s face it. Athletes are the laziest bunch when it doesn’t come to training)
  5. smoother ride overall
  6. a lot of hot chicks (or dudes) are asking you what the 1 chain ring is all about (go get their number if you are single)

I could keep writing endlessly now but know what – we shot a little video about it instead. (it’s really all about the coffee but we built a bit of bike talk in there as well) No coffee beans were harmed during the shoot. Coffee by Dinzler as brewed by Viva Barista!

Enjoy the video and then go out and play. No matter if 1, 2, 3 chain rings – happiness on 2 wheels.

Over n‘ out. Coffee time!

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