Course Reviews / Juni 27, 2015

Chiemsee Triathlon – Bike Course Review

Another weekend another race. Placed in the beautiful Bavarian area South of Munich, Chiemsee Triathlon offers one of the most beautiful bike courses in Germany if not Europe.

A rolling 2 loop course with 600 meter ascent, speedy sections with up to 75km/h and a very rewarding and fast final 9km each loop with breathtaking view at the Alps and the Chiemsee.

The course is taking you through small forests, unique Bavarian villages and beautiful countryside along herds of cows and flock of chicken!

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You start off with an easy 9km to warm up and find a good rhythm. At KM 3 it’s time to briefly focus as the course takes you off the road and through a pedestrian passing under the road. This is a spot where you wanna place yourself in the front of your pack so you don’t get slowed down as the passing narrows.

At KM 9 you hit your first slightly longer hill. This is one of probably 2-3 hills where I would stay calm, shift down to the small chainring and take it easy for about 300 meters. After that is is back into the aero bars and the happy hammering continues and almost all other hills are worth keeping the big chainring on and briefly get out of the saddle.

Around KM 13 you hit one of 2 turns where you should slow done a bit and right after the turn which comes in the beginning of a downhill section you hit a short climb. This is a great spot to drop anybody drafting on you. Quick push over the hill and the competition is dropped.

Km 22 is the only challenging inner city bit with 3 fast turns following each other. Go easy – you won’t win the race here.

What follows is a nice little rolling section that allows for a good push and nice rhythm and as soon as you hit KM 33 you are golden. From there you are pampered with 2 arcade style downhill sections and slight turns that allow you to stay on the aerobats. All in the setting of the Alps and the Chiemsee right in front of you. Those last 9KM are FAST.

The last tricky bit is about 1KM before transition / lap 2. A little bridge with a right hand turn in a downhill section into town. Don’t throw your race away here.


Specialized Shiv Pro, Roval 60 wheels, Ceramic Speed complete bike upgrade, Power2Max powermeter, Garmin Edge 1000, Xlab Torpedo, Specialized S-Works road shoes.

Enjoy and share your race experience with us afterwards.

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