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„Chasing the 100“ – The Need for Speed

The other day I was sitting on my road bike flying down Mirador on Lanzarote, part of the Ironman Lanzarote bike leg, and while tugged in on the top tube of my bike it suddenly hit me. An old thought I had. I want to break the 100km/h on the bike. It’s something I thought about a few times a couple of years back but never really pursued but now it’s suddenly there and it’s turned into the next ‚challenge‘ for the season. Break the 100km/h but not only once, as many times and in as many locations as my work and travel allows but I need your help for it.

Do you know of any places that offer the chance to break 100km/h in the descent or have you broken it and if so where?

Next steps to be done:

  1. Gather good locations to break 100
  2. Build up the ‚100‘ bike
  3. Make sure my insurance is set up properly 😉
  4. Go chase the 100

Happy chasing everybody and thanks for any tips and hints.

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