Till is Talking Blogs / März 25, 2017

Cape Epic „Stage 6“ – The Queen Stage

The Queen Stage – the stage everybody was talking about. Potentially the toughest stage of the ABSA Cape Epic 2017. With 103 kilomters of riding and 2700 meters ascent mixed in with some incredibly rocky terrain most certainly made it look like this on paper. Stefan and I decided to go out and risk a little something from the moment the gun went off.

When I say ‘we risk’ it means Stefan pulls a little harder in the front and tries to find the point where I am just on the edge of blowing up and then he tries to keep me there.  We attacked the first climb quite nicely and by KM 40 we had passed all the teams we would usually pass just before the end of the stage. It was going really well until a mechanical stopped is for 18:30 minutes at KM49 and we watch all teams go by again. After that it was guns blazing and we managed to almost catch up to all of them again in an all out effort up and down the vineyards with a little wannabe recovery on some amazing single trails.
Today we owned the queen and not the queen us. ;.)
Hard to believe that after 7 days tomorrow all that’s left is to try and bring it home tomorrow. A final day to try and #beatyesterday.

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