Sport, teamvantastic / März 22, 2017

Cape Epic „Stage 3“ – When it Flows, it Flows

„Good morning South Africa“ is my first thought as the sun rises over our camp before Stage 3 of Cape Epic. What a pleasant moment letting me forget that for a night I hated Dutch people. Well, young, ignorant Dutch people who have the need to tell each other how awesome they are until way past bedtime for everybody else.

With about 60 seconds to go my team mate Stefan looks and me and says „hey, the first 10km are fairly flat. Go out hard and try to stay with the front bunch of our batch“ and so the 10km turned into 15km way above planned speed with close to no vision. I have never inhaled that much dirt in such a short time.

From there on out it was a fantastic ride through South Africa with good pressure on the pedal, neither of us dying half way and our best stage finish so far after enjoying some seriously beautiful single trails throughout the day but let’s not forget or as Stefan says. So far it was all fun and easy, now Cape Epic begins. 112 kilometers tomorrow.

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