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Cape Epic “Stage 2” – A Historic Stage

Stage 2 of Cape Epic 2017 will go down in the history books as the first stage in the history of the race to be shortened due to the severe conditions the past days. With up to 45 Celsius out on the course and more than 115 drop outs at yesterdays stage alone the only sensible decision race organisers could make. 

We took the card that was dealt to us and decided if the stage is shortened to 63 kilometres and we are thrown a bone we’ll take it and rode a fairly easy day out there on an absolutely beautiful route with plenty of single track. 
Stefan went like clockwork for the first 40km and just as he showed signs of tiredness or the first time in this race I finally found my legs and just as we went into a good rhythm again after a long single track descent we had a technical that offered us a nut unwelcome 10 minute break before attacking the final 15 kilometres. Of course it sucks seeing roughly 30-35 teams flying past you that you had worked so hard for to drop but this was only Stage 2 and tomorrow we will #beatyesterday again! 
Another scorcher awaiting. Looking forward to more suffering in the South African sun. 
Happy trails. 

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