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Cape Epic – It’s On!

When I sat down with my now team mate Stefan about 8 months ago talking a big game and agreeing on racing Cape Epic together, neither of us really thought it would happen. We parted our ways that night and that was it until a few weeks later the thought was still burning holes in my brain and suddenly everything went real quick. Application sent, slot received, fee paid, bikes organized and then hell it hit is. This was the moment where talking a big game turned into a ‚damn now we need to follow up on it‘ realization.

What followed can only be described as the combined feeling of a child in a sandbox mixed with the fear of your sibling eating the last Frosties for breakfast if you’re not fast enough.

Long and cold winter rides in less than pleasant Denmark and Germany were followed up with a first test race for me at the 4Stage Club La Santa Race on Lanzarote and gladly the shape appeared to be better than expected. After all shortly before we had a first performance test together at Radlabor Frankfurt and safe to say it wasn’t the most motivating thing to see that Stefan was easily pushing an additional 80 Watts as even with his added body weight that put him way outside my league.

Other than the fact that by end of January with 2 crashes in the bank I told myself no more crashing until race day -currently with 5 days to go is up to 7 😉 – training has been really good since then.

I arrived in South Africa 2 weeks before Stefan and had 2 weeks of adjusting to the climate and very solid training followed by our first race as a team – PEPlett – a 4 stage race from Port Elizabeth to Plettenberg and from day 1 on any potentially remaining doubts were gone. On good days and bad days the atmosphere was always good, we had plenty of laughs and nothing could possibly stop us on the way to Epic…nothing but that nasty stomach virus I contracted shortly after PEPlett and that has put me out of business for the past 5 days. Fortunately early enough that I should be in good shape come Sunday morning 9:36:15. Our start time for Cape Epic. Needless to say that it still sucks watching your team mate go out and train in finest sunshine day and night while you feel like Godzilla chewed you up and spit you out.

5 days baby, 5 days to go! Stay tuned and thanks for following our journey!

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