Sport / 29 September, 2016

Cape Epic – World’s Toughest MTB Race

“March 13, 2016. The sun is burning in the vineyards, the rotors of the helicopters are humming in the sky and the dry dust is settling on the lungs. In the fight between man versus mountain bike I am racing up the hills in my trail shoes trying to hit the first trail traverse before the top German Epic pros with Manuel Fumic, Tim Böhme and Karl Platt are flying by. When reaching the peak my heart is hammering in my lungs and the incredible views over Meerendal Wine Estate lying beneath me make me forget the pain and where I am for a second, before the ‘wup, wup wup’ of the helicopters suddenly pull me back into reality. Only seconds later Team Bulls 2 with Tim Böhme and Simon Stiebjahn are appearing on the horizon creating a majestic picture chased by media helicopters trying not to miss a single moment of this Epic prologue through the vineyards”

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Sport / 20 September, 2016

Running Analysis – Voodoo or Advantage?

The question:
Running analysis – does it work. That is the question I was asking myself.

The reason:
As many runners I suffer from ‚runners‘ arrogance. I ‚know‘ which shoe I should be running cause I’ve been running that shoe for years. As many other runners I am great at lying to myself and ignoring the fact that my running injuries, soreness and muscle tension might have anything to do with my running style, core strength or choice of shoes.

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Sport / 7 September, 2016

“Tech & Style“ at Eurobike

As a cyclist Eurobike feels like Santa Claus is allowing me to take a peak inside the holy halls of Christmas. Super exciting, yet totally overwhelming and there is not a snowballs chance in hell I can get to see everything I want in such a short period of time. At least that is what I imagine Santa Claus‘ ‚workshop‘ to look like. Let’s not argue if Santa is existing or not. Kids might be reading this as well.

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Sport / 6 September, 2016

Eurobike – ‚Culinary-Party-Coffee‘ Guide

Ahhh, the Eurobike. It’s like somebody is building a huge sandcastle in your backyard and you get to play all week long.

Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time to Eurobike every year turns into a little get together of people I haven’t seen in way too long and after the 7th spontaneous coffee date on day 1 I still didn’t make it out of the first hall in entered in the morning.

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