Lifestyle / 11 Mai, 2016

The Wings for Life World Run

Another year, another Wings for Life World Run. Over 130.000 people world wide were signed up for what in my eyes is one of the coolest sporting events of the year.

I had the joy off being the MC for the event in Munich and the atmosphere on race morning was nothing short of inspiring. Runners from around the world had signed up to run in Munich and top athletes from different sports were mixing it up with your average joe runner as well as wheelchair athletes. Everybody came out to run for those who can’t run.

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Lifestyle / 6 Mai, 2016

‚Surf’s up! Wind,sun and coffee‘

The fresh breeze in our hair, the feeling of the salt water on the skin and relaxing over a cold one ate the ‚Mercedes-Benz After Glow Party‘ with DJ Golden Dread Nut. Surf’s up and Fehmarn is the place to be for chilling on the sun and riding some waves and there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell we were going to miss it.

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Lifestyle / 5 Mai, 2016

Mercedes AMG – Horse Power Deluxe

It’s fathers day in Germany (yep, such thing exists. It is our sad excuse for guys without any right at home to go wild and do what they do best. Be noisy and get drunk :-))

So we figured since it is „boys week“ we’ll go and have a closer look at some proper toys for boys….

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