Lifestyle / 24 Juli, 2015

30 Years Gore Bike Wear – Inside Look

30 years of rain, mud and wind. Gore Bike Wear is celebrating its 30 year anniversary this year celebrating greatness in outdoor sports and cycling. Reason enough for us to take a little road trip down South to Bavaria where it all started to hear about the great story of 3 Gore engineers and cycling buddies who were stubborn enough to make the impossible possible.
Find out the story behind Gore Bike Wear and join us on our trip to the Gore Bike Wear headwaters, our trip into the ‘elements’ inside the experience center and take a fist look at the cool 30 year anniversary collection.
Happy Birthday Gore Bike Wear!
Here are more impressions from our Gore Bike Wear visit:
 IMG_8344  IMG_8347
IMG_8366 IMG_8370


Sport / 16 Juli, 2015

Outdoor Show – Cool Gadgets Day 2

Another sunny day at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen and we continue checking out some of the fun brands for your next sports or outdoor adventure….and looking for cool gadgets with the ‚must have factor‘.

Here is a few impressions from day 2 – and the coolest thing: There will be quite a few things we are raffling off for you guys next month!

_MG_9270 The welcome buffet for the Dynafit ‚Wake Up Run‘ – a nice way to get the day started with Dynafit and 16km of train running. _MG_9288 ..and Dynafit is also displaying some of their cool new running shoes! A little more performance oriented than your ‚everyday city trail‘ run we would say. _MG_9342 GoalZero is known for their cool outdoor charging solutions and will be introducing some awesome 1 Watt camp lights at the Outdoor in the US. _MG_9347 Esbit is the classic when it comes to campfires and heating your food. Best thing: The 1950s coffee cooker is back! #coffeejunkie _MG_9351 Style meets functionality. Nomad is sticking to their highend signature look ‚a little closer to nature‘ _MG_9355 ‚Surround‘ is the hot topic at the Gore booth for yet another year but the real hotspot is their little outdoor beach area with cold drinks, a pool and palm trees. _MG_9363 Silva is drowning their headlamps this year. ‚Every second counts‘! Also introducing the first ‚active light‘ headlamp! _MG_9373 The days of ‚as rough as it gets‘ are over at Leatherman in their 31st year. Let’s bring on some color.



Sport / 15 Juli, 2015

Outdoor Show – Cool Gadgets Day 1

The Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen is like a huge playground for everybody who loves the outdoors, endurance sport and action sport.

We took a little sneak peek and put together a small ‚Day 1 highlight‘ gallery. Enjoy!

_MG_9109 Vibram is hitting the market with a stronger line of womens specific shoes and watersports. IMG_9245 Dynafit is kicking off their morning with the 16km wake up run to present their trail & mountain running collection including shoes, running clothes and outerwear. _MG_9122 Founded in Australia Gumbies is not only recycled and environmentally friendly but also stylish and rumoured to be some of the most comfortable ‚flip flops‘ on the market _MG_9131 2nd place on Hawaii and Challenge Roth winner. We wanted to know what the hype is all about and why athletes like Nils Frommhold and Caroline Steffen are wearing Currex. Much to our surprise there is way more to it than we thought. It doesn’t constrict your foot, it activates your foot. _MG_9135 MAKE THE WORLD YOUR GYM! Ecco has got the slogan down. Trail, watersports, everyday, gym or whatever you are up to. Ecco is offering a comfortable and active solution. _MG_9143 Solar only was yesterday. With the CRANKMONKEY Powertraveller is offering a handpowered charger for your electronics. 2 minutes of ‚cranking‘ and your iPhone is ready for an emergency call. _MG_9146 ‚Riding your butt a little too hard‘ – the skincare specialists from Mawaii are coming out with a new line of ‚ass cream‘, warm up and cool down cream. _MG_9257 On top of 2 cool new insulated products Camelbak is looking at a colorful 2016. The ‚hot topic‘ is their new coffee mug. It works! IMG_9232 The guys from Slackline Tools didn’t reinvent the slackline but they are definitely adding to the fun. Pool session anybody? IMG_9244 Anti theft is the slogan of the Numinous Packs. Cool idea for everybody who is traveling a lot. Cut proof midlayer, stab proof zippers and TSA approved locks! …and hey: The even look pretty cool. IMG_9248 Not your everyday camera but the Phantom 3 from DJI is probably outsmarting your iPhone when it comes to shooting cool selfies 😉 IMG_9254 This is wicked! The Scrubba travel wash bag that according to studies washes as clean as a mashine and all that on the road in just over 3 minutes! You’ll definitely find some of those bags in the V-Class in the future.


Course Reviews / 11 Juli, 2015

Challenge Roth – Bike Course Review

„Race the Legend“ is the motto of Challenge Roth 2015 and a legend it is. So we took the Shiv out and gave the 2 loop bike course a close look. It’s said to be a fast course in a beautiful rural setting. 95km later here is what we saw.

Once you exit the Main-Donau-Kanal it is a quick transition to grab your bike and out onto the bike course. You have a gentle climb to start with and it is suggested to take your nutrition in as quickly as you can as you are making a 90 degree left hand turn towards Rothsee after just a couple of hundred meters and from there you are picking up the pace for the next kilometer and a half.

DANGER: around the 2km mark is the first time you need to pay serious attention. In a fairly fast, slightly downhill turn you are hitting 3 cracks across the road as you are riding past the the impressive floodgate of the Main-Donau-Kanal.

The first 13 kilometers are very lightly but gradually uphill. So don’t get too excited and if you are riding with a power meter monitor it closely. You don’t wanna push too hard that early in the race.

At kilometer 13.5 you hit the first climb which is about 700 meters long. Let the others go here. You will see a lot of athletes pushing too hard here already and they will pay for it later as there is more fun awaiting on the mostly rolling bike course.

Only 3 kilometers after finishing the first climb you are hitting the next one at km 17.5 which is more or less the same length as the one before…

…but the fun doesn’t start until you get into the town of Greding. After entering the town in a nice little downhill section you make a right hand turn and roughly 150 meters later another one straight into a steep, steep climb. Shift down before that turn and prepare to climb a little for the next 700 meters but be aware: It doesn’t stop there. It evens out a little but yet you keep riding uphill for a total of almost 4km with only a very short flat bit in between.

From here on you continue on a nicely rolling course and then enter a beautiful downhill section which leads you partially through the woods where you can find some shade on a hot day out there. DANGER: be aware of the turns in this downhill sections. There is hay stacks put up in the turns for a good reason. Control yourself and enjoy the downhill as a bit of recovery rather than pushing too hard and risking everything in those turns.

At KM 62 you hit another 2 little climbs which seem fairly easy after riding the ones before and then at KM 69 the fun begins. You have a short and fun climb as a little preview of what to expect from Solarer Hill. This climb is just before entering the town of Hilpoltstein and every spectator that is not at Solarer Hill is putting up shop there to scream and shout you up this hill. If you think this is awesome then you will love Solarer Hill 1km later.

SOLARER HILL: Climb the legend within the legend. If you have not ridden Solarer Hill on race day yet forget everything you think you know about Solarer Hill. This climb will make you forget all your suffering out there and will exceed all your expectations. Don’t even dream about ‚hammering‘ this hill up. There is no passing other athletes anyways as spectators are at least as nuts (in the best way) as they are at Alp d’Huez. Enjoy and don’t push.

From there is is nice and rolling and you will pass some of our highlights on the ‚Challenge Roth Top10 Must do Things‘ list on the last klicks before heading into loop 2 to enjoy the fun all over again.

As you finish loop 2 at the Biermeile – one of the many, many hotspots along the course – you are not heading left in Eckersmühlen as before but go on straight for another 3.5km into T2.

The course has about 700 meters of climbing per loop and your top speeds will range somewhere between 60-75km/h depending on how hard you push the pace!

Time to run! Enjoy race day and be awesome!


Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.03.23 Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.03.30 Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.03.40 Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.04.23Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.04.11

Complete Garmin Profile:

RIDER: Till Schenk, 174kg, 182cm tall.

BIKE: Specialized Shiv Pro, Ceramic Speed upgrade, Roval wheels.



Lifestyle / 7 Juli, 2015

What To Do In Roth When Racing Challenge Roth



Challenge Roth has been called many things. Amongst them ‚best race in the world‘ and it is on multiple ‚must do races‘ lists around the globe.

So when you decide to race Roth make sure to make the best of your time in and around Roth. Here is our top1o tips of things you need to do when racing Roth:

1. Visit Cafe Schmidt in Hilpoltstein. There is many Cafe Schmidt in the area but this is the Lava Java of European long distance racing. During race week this is the hot spot to see and be seen and on top of that you get great food and drinks and it’s a stone throw away from the swim start. Sometimes it requires a little patience as this hotspot is no more of a secret than your ‚top secret Marco Polo Insider tips‘ but it is worth it. Big time! You will get to mingle with the pros and many, many other athletes.

2. When in Hilpoltstein already make sure to drop by bike shop and fitting legend Fritz Bruchstaller. He will for sure be busy but no matter if you need last minute help with your bike or just wanna listen to one of many stories Fritz has to tell about racing in Roth, a visit is always an inspiration. Just don’t expect a last minute bike fit. He is so good he’s booked out for months.

3. Have somebody take a picture of you and your family at the finish arch in the Rother triathlon park. The finish arch in Roth is one of the biggest and most legendary in the circuit and it is put up year round. So even though race day is about you don’t forget to take a pic to remember with your friends or family.

4. Take a swim in the 50 meter Olympic pool at the Freitzeitbad Roth. It’s a great place not just for athletes but the whole family and if you go in the earlier ours it is another great spot for spotting some of the pros doing the final laps before race day. If you catch them in the right moment you might even get to take a selfie with some of them or get a last minute race tip for your race.

5. Thursday night has 2 ‚don’t miss‘ events for sure. First up starting at 17:00 is the Erdinger Urweisse Hüttenparty. A get together of the who is who of athletes joining into a fun early evening celebration with ice cold and refreshing Erdinger beer. No worries there is a great non alcoholic version available. If you are not in racing spirits yet this will do the trick and if you wanna show that your are a ‚Bavaria Pro‘ you can show off by getting yourself a pair of typical Bavarian Lederhosen. You will see plenty of athletes showing up in these but if you think you can’t flash the Lederhosen don’t sweat it: You will be just as accepted in sports clothes or any other clothes for this matter.

6. The second fun event of pre race Thursday evening is the Night Run. 11.4km from Hilpoltstein to the triathlon park in Roth in the later stages of the evening. (start is at 8.15pm at the market place in Hilpoltstein). The run with fun character is best finished off with another Erdinger Alkoholfrei at the Challenge Roth expo area.

7. Join a morning swim. The swim at Challenge Roth is maybe the most emotional but also one of the most straight forward ones you find in triathlon. As it is happening the Main-Donau-Kanal swimming is usually not allowed but on Friday and Saturday morning official swim course checks are offered from 6:30-9:00. Get up early and enjoy a fantastic early morning swim with many of your fellow athletes and when you are don check out out ‚must do tip number 1‘ on this list and meet your friends and family for breakfast at Cafe Schmidt again.

8. Take a warm up job along the run course at a hotspot called ‚Lände‘. The ‚Lände‘ is not only of of the best hotspots on race day but also one of the key points on the run course. Start there and run a bit along the canal. It is a beautiful run but it takes some mental preparation for race day as the run course sometimes heads straight along the canal for kilometres without a single turn.

9. Once you have passed race day and crossed the finish line of Challenge Roth like a rockstar there is 2 more things to do. The first is to drive out to a lake called ‚Rothsee‚ and just enjoy the lake and it’s green areas surrounding the lake. A lot of fellow athletes will be there and you can either just shut up and enjoy the peace or share ‚war stories‘ with the other athletes. No matter what: this is the best place to recharge your batteries after race day.

10. Last but not least you are finally done and all the hard work has paid off. Don’t go home without enjoying some ice chilled Bavarian beers. If we had to pick one thing the Bavarians are especially good at then it’s beer! Enjoy it. You earned it!

…..and here is 1 more tip for your friends and family spectating:

11. Since race day is all about you why not do something for the ladies. Go and sign up your wife, mother, sister or girlfriend for the Challenge Womens Run in Roth. This fantastic event is women is for ladies of every activity level. The 5km run & walk ends at the triathlon park as well and starts just after 11am in the morning which will leave all active athletes plenty of time for the bike check in after cheering on the ladies.

Cheers and have an awesome race!

Lifestyle / 7 Juli, 2015

Better Sports Pics – With Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips from Competitive Image is one of the top photographers you will see at almost every bigger race around the world.

At the Ironman European Championships he spared some time to tell us his top 3 tips to make sure that you look great for your finish line picture.

Shades, sponges and smiling are some of the things we are talking about and on the site he told us a little bit about himself and why traveling the world must be one of the best jobs you’ll ever have.

Make sure to look cool for your next great moment!

Title pic by Competitive Image


Course Reviews / 4 Juli, 2015

Ironman Frankfurt – Bike Course Review

The Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt are showing one of the strongest fields in it’s history. Ironman World Champion Sebastian Kienle, Ironman World Champion Frederik van Lierde, Olympic Gold Medalist Jan Frodeno on the mens side alone.

But also for all the age groupers Ironman Frankfurt will most likely be the highlight of the year. With temperatures expected to be a scorching 40 Celsius the bike course can make the difference between blowing up or bringing it to the finish line.

We went out, checked the course, shot you a quick video and are ready to give you some hinters.

Below you will also find some ideas on what the loop looks like, total ascent, top speeds and so on.


„The bike course starts with an easy and perfect 13Km warm up from Langener Waldsee, where the swim takes place, to the ‚Alte Brücke‘ in Frankfurt. From there you start into one of 2 loops to finish the remaining 167Km. For another roughly 11Km it is pretty straight forward and all you have to do is get your legs spinning, the nutrition in and set yourself up for the first climb which you hit at roughly Km24. Take it easy here. It is only the first out of 3 on each loop.

About 7km later around the 31Km mark you hit some cobblestone roads – make sure to tighten those bottles and everything you have attached to your bike. It is about 800 meters of Paris-Roubaix feeling.

Only 3km later you hit climb number 2. Again there is still a long way to go. So take it easy and let the people around you pass you if you feel they are pushing too hard.

From there on it is a long way of rolling hills, long easy to ride decents and solid riding. Be aware of the road conditions and slightly more narrow turns in the many small villages you are passing.

With roughly 6Km to go on each lap you are hitting climb number 3. Heartbreak Hill. From the bottom it doesn’t look like much but trust us – it hurts. Not only on the last but on the first lap already. Once you made it to the top it is an easy, slightly downhill ride back to loop number 2 or transition.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.05.29 Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.05.38 Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.05.49 Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 09.06.07


Full Garmin Connect Link:

Bike used: Specialized Shiv Pro with Ceramic Speed upgrade, Rotor Rings (54/42) and a Garmin Edge 1000.

Rider: 183 tall and roughly 74KG in weight.

This was a group ride – so the data does not exactly present what it would look like for a single rider in terms of power and speed.

Sport / 3 Juli, 2015

Ironman Frankfurt – Biestmilch Gewinnspiel!


Wir haben für Euch in Zusammenarbeit mit Mercedes Benz und Biestmilch ein schönes Gewinnspiel im Rahmen der Ironman European Championships zusammengestellt und jeder kann ganz einfach gewinnen.

Und so einfach geht es:

“Nach dem Wettkampf ist vor dem Wettkampf. Um schnell wieder in Top-Form zu sein, sind eine schnelle Regeneration und Entspannung der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Durch das variable Sitzkonzept verwandelt sich die neue V-Klasse mit nur wenigen Handgriffen in eine Wohlfühloase. In Kombination mit den Produkten von Biestmilch erlangen Sie so wieder Ihre optimale Leistungsfähigkeit. Lernen Sie jetzt die Produkte von Biestmilch kennen und gewinnen Sie ein Starter-Package inklusive der Broschüre „Lebenselixier“ und einem T-Shirt.


Beantworten Sie einfach unsere Gewinnspielfrage und geben Sie Ihre ausgefüllte Gewinnspielkarte am Mercedes-Benz Stand
auf der Expo ab oder vor der Pasta Party am dortigen Mercedes Stand bis 18:30. Die Gewinner werden per Losverfahren ermittelt und am Abend der Pasta Party am Mercedes Benz Stand vor dem Event Zelt um 18:35 bekannt gegeben. Sollte der Gewinner nicht während der Ziehung anwesend sein, verfällt der Anspruch auf den Gewinn und es wird per Los ein neuer Gewinner ermittelt. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen.“