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What To Do In Roth When Racing Challenge Roth



Challenge Roth has been called many things. Amongst them ‚best race in the world‘ and it is on multiple ‚must do races‘ lists around the globe.

So when you decide to race Roth make sure to make the best of your time in and around Roth. Here is our top1o tips of things you need to do when racing Roth:

1. Visit Cafe Schmidt in Hilpoltstein. There is many Cafe Schmidt in the area but this is the Lava Java of European long distance racing. During race week this is the hot spot to see and be seen and on top of that you get great food and drinks and it’s a stone throw away from the swim start. Sometimes it requires a little patience as this hotspot is no more of a secret than your ‚top secret Marco Polo Insider tips‘ but it is worth it. Big time! You will get to mingle with the pros and many, many other athletes.

2. When in Hilpoltstein already make sure to drop by bike shop and fitting legend Fritz Bruchstaller. He will for sure be busy but no matter if you need last minute help with your bike or just wanna listen to one of many stories Fritz has to tell about racing in Roth, a visit is always an inspiration. Just don’t expect a last minute bike fit. He is so good he’s booked out for months.

3. Have somebody take a picture of you and your family at the finish arch in the Rother triathlon park. The finish arch in Roth is one of the biggest and most legendary in the circuit and it is put up year round. So even though race day is about you don’t forget to take a pic to remember with your friends or family.

4. Take a swim in the 50 meter Olympic pool at the Freitzeitbad Roth. It’s a great place not just for athletes but the whole family and if you go in the earlier ours it is another great spot for spotting some of the pros doing the final laps before race day. If you catch them in the right moment you might even get to take a selfie with some of them or get a last minute race tip for your race.

5. Thursday night has 2 ‚don’t miss‘ events for sure. First up starting at 17:00 is the Erdinger Urweisse Hüttenparty. A get together of the who is who of athletes joining into a fun early evening celebration with ice cold and refreshing Erdinger beer. No worries there is a great non alcoholic version available. If you are not in racing spirits yet this will do the trick and if you wanna show that your are a ‚Bavaria Pro‘ you can show off by getting yourself a pair of typical Bavarian Lederhosen. You will see plenty of athletes showing up in these but if you think you can’t flash the Lederhosen don’t sweat it: You will be just as accepted in sports clothes or any other clothes for this matter.

6. The second fun event of pre race Thursday evening is the Night Run. 11.4km from Hilpoltstein to the triathlon park in Roth in the later stages of the evening. (start is at 8.15pm at the market place in Hilpoltstein). The run with fun character is best finished off with another Erdinger Alkoholfrei at the Challenge Roth expo area.

7. Join a morning swim. The swim at Challenge Roth is maybe the most emotional but also one of the most straight forward ones you find in triathlon. As it is happening the Main-Donau-Kanal swimming is usually not allowed but on Friday and Saturday morning official swim course checks are offered from 6:30-9:00. Get up early and enjoy a fantastic early morning swim with many of your fellow athletes and when you are don check out out ‚must do tip number 1‘ on this list and meet your friends and family for breakfast at Cafe Schmidt again.

8. Take a warm up job along the run course at a hotspot called ‚Lände‘. The ‚Lände‘ is not only of of the best hotspots on race day but also one of the key points on the run course. Start there and run a bit along the canal. It is a beautiful run but it takes some mental preparation for race day as the run course sometimes heads straight along the canal for kilometres without a single turn.

9. Once you have passed race day and crossed the finish line of Challenge Roth like a rockstar there is 2 more things to do. The first is to drive out to a lake called ‚Rothsee‚ and just enjoy the lake and it’s green areas surrounding the lake. A lot of fellow athletes will be there and you can either just shut up and enjoy the peace or share ‚war stories‘ with the other athletes. No matter what: this is the best place to recharge your batteries after race day.

10. Last but not least you are finally done and all the hard work has paid off. Don’t go home without enjoying some ice chilled Bavarian beers. If we had to pick one thing the Bavarians are especially good at then it’s beer! Enjoy it. You earned it!

…..and here is 1 more tip for your friends and family spectating:

11. Since race day is all about you why not do something for the ladies. Go and sign up your wife, mother, sister or girlfriend for the Challenge Womens Run in Roth. This fantastic event is women is for ladies of every activity level. The 5km run & walk ends at the triathlon park as well and starts just after 11am in the morning which will leave all active athletes plenty of time for the bike check in after cheering on the ladies.

Cheers and have an awesome race!

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